Ballenger International, LLC  

Supplier to Military & Law Enforcement

About Us

Since its inception in 2008, Ballenger International, LLC has won and successfully completed contracts to supply products and services worldwide. With the primary focus on military and law enforcement equipment and training, Ballenger provides a variety of high quality goods and services. and have established an impressive history of success built on solid business principles. As a result, Ballenger is recognized as a leader in both domestic and international commercial, law enforcement and military logistics markets.

An exceedingly loyal, tenacious, and creative group of people; our team works with US and foreign military and law enforcement and possess exceptional qualities. Additionally, Ballenger has the technical skills and the international experience to effectively handle the complex needs of our customers requirements and projects.

Ballenger International, LLC has built solid partnerships with numerous manufacturers in order to satisfy our customer's technical requirements. From mainstream big-name manufacturers to small, we have developed strong relationships and provide the customer with their exact requirements ensuring compatibility.

With our extensive network of partners, Ballenger International, LLC can arrange for a variety of services and training to get the most out of your equipment. Mission specific technical information can make the difference and Ballenger works hard to ensure you get the best.