Ballenger International, LLC  

Supplier to Military & Law Enforcement

Shooting Ranges


Ballenger works closely with two companies for shooting range requirements. Both are privately owned, US based business and while one focuses primarily on physical shooting ranges, the other offers a virtual shooting range environment.


Shooting Ranges

Unlike many in the industry, this company's engineer, manufacture, and install all their products. This unique start-to-finish approach gives them significantly better control over the quality of their products.

• Bullet Traps
• Control Systems
• Electronic Scoring
• Indoor Shoot Ranges
• IPSC Ranges
• Knock Down Targets
• Moving Targets
• Portable Targets
• Rifle Ranges
• Shoothouses
• Training
• Turning Targets


Virtual Shooting Ranges

This company leads the industry in combat preparation with advanced 300 degree shooting simulator training. Nothing prepares police officers and warfighters better than placing them in virtual situations that mirror real life and death situations. There is a time for a firearms range then there's time for life and death situation training, in a 300 shooting simulator.